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Reservations - Just or Unjust?

Date: 09/02/2015
Time: 9:30 PM
Location: Kolkata

                                   In the human-society, the rich always take the rein of dominance in their own hands. They rule the world and the poor labor to build the thrones. There has always been a very sharp line dividing the world of the prosperous and that of the impoverished. The good news is, change is the only constant thing. Men become rich and its not long before they lose their fortune due to their own callousness.

                                   Resources will always keep changing hands and people will keep crossing the sharp line which divides our world into two halves (not in context of the equator!). However, amidst all these changes, one unfortunate thing will always remain constant- those with minimal resources will always be crushed by the higher powers and this will last as long as civilization lasts.

                                   In contrast to this unfortunate fact, one significant solution (it claims to be a solution) has been constructed by the society of the modern man. Its called 'reservation'. Reservation is to arrange for (a room, seat, ticket, etc.) to be kept for the use of a particular person (according to Google). Reservation occurs in any institute or organization. Even a certain number of job offers, food reserves and survival aids are provided to what society calls the 'backward classes and tribes' (Yes, this is not about 'reservation' of a restaurant table or a hotel room- if you were expecting that sort of a thing)  There has been a lot of debate on the matter- Exactly how correct or incorrect this stance is?
                                  If we count the heads on the opposing sides, it almost turns out to be equal. There are some who are significantly bothered by this concept of reservation. According to them, its never fair when a less deserving candidate gets the last opportunity available. Those with wider knowledge and greater skill do not get the chance to display and use their talent just because their rightful place was 'reserved' for someone else.

                                 However, when the whole scenario is perceived from a different angle altogether, it seems that reservation is a well planned move. This is the case when we view the situation with the eyes of those who stand for 'reservation'. According to this perception, when a person with limited resources perform averagely, she/he should be given more credit than the person who happened to perform slightly better with plenty of resources available.

                                 The problem arises when one needs to decide exactly which perception is the correct one. Its often said that nothing can be right or even wrong, but when a situation has a base (here, its a well defined society) to rest upon, usually the judge can reach a decision. 

                                 When we shift our perception to a completely different level, a new scenario arises. As it is, today the world population is huge..and its not supposed to be so huge. All the humans who live today, are not supposed to be present on earth at the same instant. Its like that piece of land where birds drop numerous seeds. Only the stronger seeds transform into a tree and continue the cycle of life...the rest die. 

                                The only option is the fight for survival. If the rich classes utilize their acquired resources to increase their chances of survival and diminish those of the others, it'll be wise to accept that their action is fair. Obviously it sounds like a cruel and heart-less thing to do...but in a civilized society, this is the mildest form of battle. Certain laws of nature cannot be made obsolete with civilization. 

                                Also, if the weaker classes in the society manage to convince the world of their real worth (and it'll be a hard thing to do, because the world turns blind whenever it needs to see something important) and make it believe that they deserve a better place in the future, its all fair again. Be it reservations, or any other methods, they are just means to secure a higher survival rate and a better scope to see one's own traits in the generations to follow.

                               The ones who stand by 'reservation', see worthy individuals with high potential in the withdrawn and subdued faces. They find it mandatory to preserve and protect the traits of those who are ignored and left out from society...because one must always know that diamonds are found in the darkest caves. Those who are against reservation, are more likely the one's whose chances of securing a better place in the future are threatened by those who demand the same place (and possibly the latter gets it because they were assigned that place before they even wanted it).

                               Its quite amusing actually, still we didn't reach a conclusion. The question still persists with no definite answer- Is 'reservation' just or unjust? Probably no one will ever know until they posses a biased view. It is correct and incorrect at the same time possibly...yes, that must be the case. We all are correct and incorrect at the same time.

Case yet to be solved.
Court Adjourned!
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