Friday, 22 May 2015

A Crazy Theory!

Date: 10/11/14 
Time:9:30 AM
Location: Kolkata, India

                             Sometimes this new theory just keeps crossing the roads of my mind instead of the numerous red lights from the tasks of the daily life. But today, I just couldn't stop myself from putting it down on paper, coz' this idea fascinates me so much that I can spend a billion years lingering on this topic.

                             Well, presently I am studying computer science as a 5th subject and its all about programs and logic. One day while showering (I make all the important decisions under the shower) a theory of programs suddenly popped in my mind. I thought of considering the world as an operating system(OS). Then all of us (the living objects) will be the various programs created in order to achieve their respective goals. Well, in that case, according to the present world scenario, it seems that there are already too many programs generated for fulfilling the same purpose (more or less). Moreover, what's more interesting is, these programs are self generating, which means these programs generate programs of their own kind so that the purpose of fulfilling the task is carried on even after degradation of the mother program or after its incompatibility with the modern versions of the OS. 

                             Now, this is not the problem but the root of the problem basically. This problem has persisted for a very long time and repeatedly the OS has discovered ways to debug the source codes and programs. The problem actually is the multiple generation of the same sort of programs which not only depletes memory space but also complicates the process of fulfilling the task. Now this is where the programmer comes in and works along with the OS (the Universe and World) to generate the 'suicidal programs'. I feel this is the most twisty and fascinating part of the whole theory. These programs come in various versions ranging from minor to major. Minor suicidal programs like fires, animal attacks and accidents have been generated repeatedly over time and they have caused deletion of the excessive programs. Then comes the major versions which are way more terrifying, ranging from earthquakes and volcanoes to mass terminations and world wars. Even the modern version of the OS has been through much. Mass murderers and dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan and many others have caused widespread atrocities. World Wars I and II have witnessed massive exterminating procedures. These massive deletions have always been a very important part of the OS because they stabilize the OS. There's a pattern in all these deletions which makes it quite 'natural'. Old programs must be deleted in order to make place for the new and more efficient programs. 

                           Also, another interesting version of these programs is the version which has developed around the idea of self destruction. These programs do not exist as individual programs but are very normal programs. The only difference is that they have a code snippet inserted in them. These codes generate the idea of self destruction. Here, the term 'self-destruction' not only refers to destruction of self but also destruction of one's own kind. Examples can be dictators like those mentioned above and general suicide cases.

                          We have perceived these suicidal programs with the harshest perception possible, ignorant of the fact that these programs were intended to fulfill such atrocious tasks, but we must always know that the evil keeps the good in check and prevents it from turning into evil. Only the evil can protect the good. In spite of the destruction and violence, these programs are absolutely necessary in order to evade the problem of the ever increasing programs in the limited space of the OS. The only problem however, which can arise out of this horrible solution is the complete destruction of all programs. If the suicidal programs generated by the OS and the programmer goes out of control or gets a bug from some unidentifiable source, and if the regeneration programs are not in good numbers, we can undergo a process of extinction like many other earthly species from varying periods of time. 

                            What I see, in this present world, is yet another crisis, with increasing population, infinite demands and low supplies. The problem is that we don't believe that something can happen until something already happens. Maybe this time the new version of the suicidal programs will be the nuclear wars with all possibilities of extinction of every single being that could ever think or speak.

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  1. was totally amazing...the way u compared the world with an OS WS totally amzing....the concept is mindblowing...S.Banerjee mam wud have been thoroughly impressed and proud of u..way to go Sammy...: ) :* <3..
    P.S:always knew u were crazy but altast u admitted it urself

    1. First comment! Thnx a lot!!
      P.S. you r way more crazy :p

    2. Yes thats true Miss.
      I find it noteworthy at this point to point out that the individual accumulates "Antagonistic Motivations" which may not be "good" for the individual or the world lived in...( according to the theories of Zivorad Slavinsky )and in general is mostly powerless of self knowledge .
      Wonderful Thought !

  2. Brilliant thought.... Excellent writing.... Best wishes ☺

  3. Tirthankar Ghosh23 May 2015 at 00:45

    Impressive viewpoint with tactical presentation......Best Wishes....Carry on.��

  4. Intersting Viewpint
    Way to go girl :)

  5. Very cool and well voiced. I loved it.

    1. Thank you! Its a pleasure to have you in Divergent Outlook! :-)