Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Significance of Life

Date: 10/11/14
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Kolkata, India

                              Recently there's this interesting, but very simple realization that has dawned on me. Its the simple fact that there's so much in this world and beyond. Our minds are packed with interests, fascinations, knowledge and passion which makes this universe way better when viewed from the perspective of the living. This universe only lets us have a little peek into its vast glory through an infinite layer of dark matter, which of course makes it a very difficult place to observe. Whatever we know is only a meager percentage of the ultimate knowledge. Its hard to get hold of every truth and every fact here. Having that little bit of information however, creates the obvious belief in the miracle called life. A miracle which has persisted for years.

                              From recent studies and researches, people (most people) have come to state that perhaps, we are the only form of intelligent life in the whole universe (possibly). A part of me wants to believe it and a part doesn't. When I consider the complexity of life and the living, it seems that we are a very unique combination of events that have very rare chances of occurring in the same sequence again. However, when I take into account the infinite reaches of the universe, life doesn't seem that impossible.

                             When the mind starts going beyond everything, beyond every nation, every continent, every planet and every galaxy, a state of timelessness dawns on it. Sure, its only an imaginary state, but it also serves the purpose of realization. Being in that position, a question automatically hits the mind. Its the question of significance. What is life? Why is life required at all? At that moment life just seems like a bundle of chemical reactions going on in a speck of dust (the planet)...and then perhaps, we realize the fact that all of us are just bundle of reactions governed by protons, electrons and neutrons (and lots of other nuclear stuff).

                             We are not much different from an asteroid, a star or even a galaxy. We are there just like the sun is there in the milky way and the earth is there in the solar system. We are just another combination of elements, moving around as per the atoms and molecules decree. Carl Sagan once believed that we are in fact a minuscule version of the universe and through us, we can understand the universe ("We are a way for the cosmos to know itself").

                           Coming to our significance, its the same as that of a star, a galaxy or the whole universe. We are here because we are here and that's all. No fancy reason, no fancy explanation. "I am because I exist, I exist because I am.". All of us and all of the heavenly objects are generated at one point of space and time and destroyed at another after carrying out a bunch of chemical and physical activities, which make the differences between objects very vague...the only difference can be that we are possibly rarer than the stars and thus, more precious. So, all those places in the universe which are way beyond our reach, can be reached through our very own minds and that's a terrific show of the magician called Miracle, which is of course another name for Life.


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