Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Uncertain Path Towards Beauty

Date: 08/01/15
Time: 9:00 PM
Location: Kolkata, India

                                Sometimes, what we really want is, proceed in the direction where everyone is headed. There's this new faith and a longing for experiencing the subtle human emotions and behaviors by walking with the crowd itself (and not being a part of it at the same time). There's this sudden discovery of beauty in the everyday human lives and the humans themselves and all we know is how much we love being alive and that too as a human. We suddenly know what magic really means and realize the potential of every object that can exist.

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                               That's exactly the feeling that I'm going through at this moment. There's this strange "feel-good" feeling which makes everything way more beautiful than they normally are- the heart feels lighter, people are more reliable, kids act as a symbol of joy rather than annoyance and I somehow manage time to watch the moon late at night and imagine strange disney stuff!...No, I'm not in love and also not quite a hopeless romantic. This just happens...and I'd say that I've been fortunate enough to realize the beauty of everything that's there, many a times. Its that time when we fall in love with not just one person...but everything that's human...and everything else too! Okay...if this is confusing...more simply it means that you suddenly know what it means to be alive and know how gorgeous life really is...and this knowledge is so intense that breathing in and out suddenly becomes the most magical experience that you've ever had! The beauty of the world becomes so overwhelming that you know tears were never made for sadness. 

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                              Frankly, I do not know much about life or the living and this is so because I've not had the opportunity to experience much (did not yet step into the realms of the adult world)...but I know, I'm on my way to discover the most wonderful aspects of this world...the journey has already begun...and somehow I feel this journey towards a more experienced me, is going to be the most surreal experience. Sure, there'll be a lot of low points in this uncertain path, but that'll only amplify the beauty of what matters. Darkness is important because that way I'll know what is light. One of the most extraordinary part of this journey will be the path towards self discovery...because presently I'm highly uncertain about everything related to me. I know my name, but I don't really know who I am. I know my goals, but I'm unaware of my purpose. I know what my thoughts are about, but I don't have a clue about the secrets deep inside my own mind. I'm a stranger to myself if not to the world. I'm a stranger to the world if not to myself.
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                              When I think of the Earth, I feel that I simply need to know even the known facts. I know about the gorgeous Alps, the mind boggling Stonehenge, the tranquil Himalayas and even the unearthly Aurora Borealis. However, at that instant of time when I was told about these splendid features of our world, I had not the slightest idea of what 'beauty' meant. I was a child and did not know the skill of making the mind believe what is beautiful and what is not. I'm still not quite sure of what beauty really is but I've come across things and instances which make my mind feel at peace and spreads a sheet of serenity over it. 

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                              So, even though I know a bit about things which truly are beautiful, I'm still awaiting that time when I'll know how to appreciate the beauty to it's full potential. Maybe in the near future I'll learn a new way of feeling which will serve beauty and knowledge in the right proportions! The concept of beauty obviously is different for different minds...I'll just have to decide which one to plant in my own mind. 

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                              So there are many questions which are best unanswered at this point. The list tends to be endless but more than being annoyed by the endless questions, it'll be wiser to appreciate them...because there's beauty even in the way these questions were born in the minds of the living. I don't know whether the answers will promise the same. Sometimes I fear that I'll remain unknown to myself forever but isn't that great?! Maybe I'll have the privilege to discover a new side to myself every moment. I'll never be complete because there'll always be some new attribute added to me each passing day! We can never be complete. Can we? 

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                             Nothing is absolute in this Universe, not even the universe itself. Not even science is absolute or decisive...which obviously makes the answers hard to obtain. There's no one to decide which is a better question but even the silliest questions do not have an absolute answer. The uncertain path towards beauty promises the gift of the answers much sought after. The answers which may just change the next moment...


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  1. Hi!

    This is my first time perusing your content here. This is also proof that at least one person is reading your posts. I intend to continue do so as well. And I'm confident that your reader's list will grow over time too.

    Well, I just writing to say THANK YOU first of all for deciding to create this blog site and share your "musings" with the rest of the world. I am impressed with your thoughtfulness, your honesty, your courage and your apparent humility. To me, it's quite refreshing. As time flows on, I'm steering my ship further and further away from politic correctness. Embracing the innumerable facets of our lives (certainly my own) in as clear, straightforward and honest a way as possible is the engine I've continuously been tuning up for a long time now. Doing so, in my view, is not only more virtuous but useful a practice. I'm just being introduced to this form of your journey of self-expression. But it appears to me that you are open to exploring the tides and rapids of life in a fashion that's more honest and thoughtful and less cynical and judgmental.

    I thank you for the honor and pleasure of being able to become acquainted with you through your written musings and any other types of content you may choose to share. I am definitely looking forward to reading more.

    All the best!

    1. Thank you...( especially for that proof!). I'm really glad that you find this article the way you have mentioned above. Also thank you for this huge dose of encouragement!

      Hoping that all the future articles on Divergent Outlook will be able to provide you with some provoking thoughts and the same feelings that you've had for this one. It was a pleasure to read this comment. Thanks once again.

    2. really splendid .......i have read it and it feels completely true and i feel so connected with every line .i have felt it all and this some real experience and it really takes a different perspective to look at it and i feel less lonely after reading it because i dont feel alone now there more people who have perspective like this and really this bought me peace and also im looking forward to your other posts too
      really nice .....i agree on your view

  2. No one has ever witnessed the full potential of beauty. As I see it, Beauty is not a stage which can be set feet on, it is a mystery, the more we try to unravel it, the more amusing it gets. That's the beauty of it, that makes us seek more of it all the time. I would say beauty is like a ray of hope, we always want some more of it.

    P.S.- I loved the way you try to find something beautiful in things that for some people are mere occurrences.

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