Friday, 3 July 2015

I Will Persist Till The End Of Time

Lately, the idea of "limit" has ceased my mind. I've just started exploring the newer aspects of life and already it feels like my days are numbered. Being of 17, I've already gone through scenes in my mind where I'm 70! Its a strange sensation and I wish I was capable enough to express those experiences through words. 

All I can say is, these strange visions make me feel completely powerless when compared to time. More importantly, it humbles me enough to make me realize we are just objects which originate at one point in space and time and then apparently disappear in another. So, we are basically just humans, like water droplets in the ocean, like grains of sands in the desert and like the little speck of dust - our world, in the universe. 

At first, things appear so different, but gradually all the differences appear as if they were similarities. Yes, I think, I feel, I act...very much unlike a rock...which does nothing. A rock is formed after years of chemical and physical reactions and even after the formation, the reactions do not halt. They continue and ultimately cause the death of the rock.

 How am I different? I was born due to chemical reactions, I function due to chemical reactions (thinking, feeling...actually everything)...and ultimately I'll die due to the various activities occurring between the elements. 

Ugh! I again drifted away...Anyways, coming back to the "limit of time", maybe its just an illusion. More so, as when we grow old (I realize this as I write), we think that our lot of joyful and sorrowful days are over and we'll die soon enough. However, shifting again to the chemical perspective, after we die, only a few of the million reactions cease to exist - those which help in creation of thoughts, emotions, message transfer and other life-functions. 

The matter in our body never stops reacting with the external environment like it did when we were living. The only difference is perhaps, a few reactions are replaced by new ones...and I was also thinking of mentioning that the new set of reactions are no longer concentrated to one human life, but then I realized, that's how it always works - be it a human dead or alive. 

So this obviously leads to the conclusion that there's a chain of reactions which we are a part fact its common knowledge. A thing which exists, can never stop existing...even if not always as the "thing". Maybe this is why the concept of soul arrives. The concept is a proof that the ancients were remarkable thinkers who delivered the true message to us in encrypted format. Things persist, maybe not in the same form as they did when they first came into being, instead they occur in changing states and varying forms. So, we never actually die. We just change forms. (Sounds familiar?)

One day, when all the reactions end in one final step (which is very improbable) then on that day, maybe time will stop too. It will be the end of time and as all of us will be a part of the last reaction, we will persist till the end of time. 

I will clarify by the way, all of this is just another train of thought. Its completely upto you to decide whether to board the train or not. I just feel good to pen down these thoughts...because while writing, words show me a whole new perspective of life. It just showed me why I no longer need to fear age and death. Language is perhaps the most beautiful gift that has been bestowed on mankind...and by the way, this gift is also a by-product of electrons and nuclear particles!

Date: 12/02/2015
Time: 8:35 PM

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