Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Magic to Decode Magic


                                    Sometimes, it feels like magic is the most awesome thing that can ever be! I do not speak of the "magic" which humans would generally associate with the word...Here, I speak of the magic which we are used to in our day to day life. The definition of magic is highly relative...and here's what I think of it...

                                    Think about our very own universe and world...Where else can someone find twinkling objects floating around for billions of years? Where else can someone find awesome looking creatures with 'legs', 'arms', two 'ear'-like things sticking out from what these creatures call 'face'? Where else can someone find life being carved out from the lifeless? 

                                     Think of those curvy thread like objects peeking out from the dormant looking soil...they call these things 'trees' and I am fascinated just to see how these 'trees' are so similar to our veins and nerves. Perhaps they are the veins and nerves. The earth is as full of life as we are. 'Trees' show us why. Its a magical place...a magical place to be in.

                                     Things like the invisible sheet of what they call 'air', a beautiful liquid which they call 'life' and sometimes 'water', a granular soil or a mix of the dead, which is walked upon by the living...everything...everything that's there has become 'us', a part of our minds. Its "magical" be 'us'...a magical thing to be.

                                     As I grew up, I was always told, "magic" is an illusion, it never was and never will be. Whatever was or is, is supposed to be normal stuff...things which we are supposed to get used to. They told me, its not magic, its science...its logic. I wish they only knew, science is another kind of magic, and the scientists, they are the grand magicians, illusionists! Science is the magic to decode magic like a program created to verify and judge another program.

                                     We ourselves are magical creatures, more magical than unicorns and satyrs, or maybe just the same...coz' if we go into the superficial details, most creatures are made of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen...which I believe are the magical ingredients. The universe can be the great cauldron to stir the magical potions...I wonder who's the wizard then? Is it the cauldron itself?...or something beyond or inside the cauldron? Assuming that magical 'someone' to be the 'creator', why does it (not sure of the gender) create stuff which aim at seeking the creator itself? Why does this creator create magic to decode and sense its own magic?...Does it need an audience?...or is it just experimenting?

                                    Also, sometimes I wonder who created the creator?...and who created the creator who created the creator? How can something exist from nothing? Why are we existing at all? Are we an experiment gone wrong? Then in that case, the magician must be the greatest magician ever, coz' even the wrong seems so right! Maybe this 'creation' thing is like those infinite images in two consecutive mirrors. The image of the ultimate creator is so small and so hard to perceive, but the creator stands right in between the two mirrors...which is the sole reason for the existence of the image.

                                   If we humans print some form of micro life from a 3D printer (if possible at all...actually its almost at the verge of becoming possible in the near future!) and leave that life in a distant habitable planet, evolution can kick in and give those creatures the power to think and decode the magic that's around them. Then they'll ask the same questions perhaps..."who created us?", "who created the creator who created us?", "why are we here at all?". If the 'humans' are fortunate enough to survive for so long, perhaps they'll (we'll) send satellites and spying devices just to monitor the 'experiment'. Then those creatures may notice one or two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and think of us as aliens or whatever word they use to describe what we call 'aliens'. Then their search for other life forms and the creator will begin....and then one fine day, they may also decide to plant life somewhere else...and so on and so forth. Creation will continue as long as the magical ingredients keep themselves from getting exhausted.

                                 However, the obvious question is- What happens next? After every life-forming and magic-forming ingredient is exhausted? Is our cauldron, our very own universe, discarded? be replaced by a new one?...but if the creator is itself inside the cauldron (assumption), will it like to put an end to itself? Maybe in the creator's terms, 'life' and 'death' exchange roles, even though they are mostly same everywhere. It dies or it may want to die to make place for something new.

                                 With the end of everything that's there, everything magical...time will stop too, because time is a by-product of magic. The presence of matter generates time. Without matter, there'll be no time. I believe time does not age us or any form of matter. We get old because we create time, and if we want to stop getting old, we have to stop creating time, which is highly impossible because time will exist as soon as an object comes into existence.

"Time does not wrinkle us, 
As age is the mother of time.

Wrinkles are just the scars
One gets after the birth of time."                                     
~Creation of Time by Mr. X

                                 Is it possible to become absolutely invincible? We may develop stuff to reverse our growing and ageing process (imitating the process of life cycle from Japanese jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii), but can we ever stop time?

Its the property of matter- to generate time. 

                            Now, imagine a really empty space. Without even one single molecule, wave, dark matter, or anything that can exist. Now suppose I put a human there. Four things are likely to happen. First, humans on earth will praise me for having found such a place. Second, they'll turn me into a villain instantly for putting the lad in there (a completely different scenario if I were to put an animal). Third, the man will face death. Fourth, the instant I put the person in there (without being there- hypothetical stuff), at that very instant, time will begin in the space which is no longer empty. The body will age, compounds and elements will get scattered, and there'll be so much generation of time, that there'll suddenly be a lot of time in that empty space. Time will touch a place which was once only surrounded by time. 

                           Time...just a by-product, yet so intriguing! Now, imagine how intriguing we ourselves main product of every process...or may be not. Everything around us has so much potential...but we are yet to discover it. By now, we have only reached the by-products, and I hope that soon enough, we'll reach the core of magic that we are surrounded with, that we are ourselves. 

                           However, today we prefer to be ignorant of the spell that's all around us. Our world is more magical than that of Harry Potter's, Percy Jackson's or even Frodo Baggins'. All one needs is the right pair of eyes. Harry uses a wand to create magic but you don't need to. You are a walking and talking pack of magic. They call the 'unusual' stuff magic. I think its most of us...we are intrigued by a magic which is just a representation of the magic that's real. Reality is an amusing thing, it takes years for someone to understand it, and then just a few seconds maybe, to again lose track of it.   

                            I don't know why we've chosen flying horses to be better than our running ones, or winged people to be more virtuous than our earthly featherless men. They are "magical" because they are unusual and rare...and I believe its a property of life, or maybe just humans, to preserve and protect the rare and the unusual. Whether it is an object, a human trait, or an idea, rare and unusual items will always find preference. 

                           To feel and observe the true magic, all we need to do is look closer, look past what is visible, look beyond time, look deeper and deeper. Most magicians will warn that the closer one looks, the easier it is to trick...but this ain't the magic which most magicians are used to perform. Do not look at the far and way too small image in the infinite-image-forming mirrors. Look right where you stand- right between the two mirrors...coz' I hope you didn't forget, we are magic. With the power to decode magic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Date: 18th April 2015
Time: 8:30 PM
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  1. Very well written! :)
    "Are we an experiment gone wrong?"-This does give food for thought....